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Discussion on: Welcome Thread - v8

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Lucie Zajíčková

Hello everyone, I am Lucie from Prague, Czechia. 🖖
I am the Chief of People & Community in Cesko.Digital which is a civic-tech community of almost 4 000 volunteers who deliver various projects to improve the level of innovation and digitalization across fields in cooperation with the state and NGOs.
What I love about the community building? Well, I guess everything. 😁 The endless opportunities to create a caring and nurturing environment for the members from the perspective of my role. The connections which are being created in the communities and the incredible feeling of belonging which yo get from being a member of one. And in general, the huuuge power of the community and the impact it has - it will never stop amazing me. 🙏

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Alex Angel

Welcome to the community, Lucie! With a title like Chief of People & Community, does that mean you oversee both internal community (employees) as well as your external community initiatives?