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Discussion on: How often do new members post in your community on the date that they join?

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I don't have an exact number (am going to find out), but quite a high number of members who join here post in a welcome thread right after joining. On our Slack, about 75% post to the #introductions channel within minutes of joining.

What sort of things do you do in your community to encourage posting after first join?

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Katie Ray Author

Great Question! We see more discussions posted right after our onboarding call. We also send a "question of the day" email for a new discussion post a member posted to encourage members to respond. This has increased our discussion responses significantly! We are re-vamping our onboarding sequence and want to make sure we are putting the right CTA at the right time for optimum discussions and engagement. We are also on the fence of doing an intro discussion thread and having our members comment on it during their onboarding, or first CTA in email sequence. (would love to hear your thoughts on why or why not to do it).