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Appreciate you doing this AMA Gene! You have one of the cooler and more unique roles in the community space.

I have two questions for you:

1 - What are the biggest differences between general developer relations, and developer relations in the gaming space? Or are there really no differences besides the content and topic types.

2 - What's the coolest thing a developer has built using the Riot API?

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Gene Chorba Ask Me Anything

On the first question, one of the major differences are how do you acquire developers. With traditional tech developer relations, you are going out and speaking, writing content, etc.. all in order to attract new developers to your platform.
With gaming and the entertainment industry devrel you don't have to do a lot of that. We have to put systems in place to keep people out a lot of the time.

This is further shown in how we are motivated as devrel programs. Our motivations are to protect the game design, engage players at a higher level, and make sure there is a thriving ecosystem of tools around our games. Making money is not the focus of our program.

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Gene Chorba Ask Me Anything • Edited on

Can't pick one, so here are 2.

  • App that is tied into your match history and writes Haikus/Poems based on the events in-game.

  • Nerf gun hooked into the game, so every time you die in-game it shoots you