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Discussion on: We are the Forem Team, Ask Us Anything!

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I think I have a sense of this myself, just from having spoken and worked with you all, but I think a lot of folks in the community space would love to hear from you all.

Where do you see Forem fitting into the broader community landscape? Who are you building it for?

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Jess Lee (she/her) Ask Me Anything

Great question! We’re building Forem with extensibility in mind, so we fundamentally see the platform serving many types of use cases.

We’ve seen the platform scale to large communities like DEV, where we’re home to hundreds of thousands of registered users and conversations, but we’ve also seen success for much smaller communities. For example, we have an internal private Forem that we use to stay connected with our colleagues - as an async team, it’s been an extremely powerful tool to facilitate cross-time-zone discussions. On an even smaller scale, I plan to one day have a personal Forem just to keep in my touch with my family.

With that said, we’re most excited about supporting entrepreneurs that are growing their communities -- folks who want to go beyond a successful Facebook/Slack/Discourse group to truly build the idea experience to serve their community’s distinct needs.

I’d say Community Club is doing a great job with this so far 🙂

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Tessa Kriesel

Agreed. I am very excited about Forem existing in this purpose. This community is going to be invaluable.

I'm looking forward to watching Forem grow in the community space.