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Discussion on: AMA with Cindy Au

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Mac • Edited

Hey Cindy, thanks for taking the time to do this AMA with us all!

What's the biggest consideration that community builders have to account for when building in the education space?

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Cindy Au Ask Me Anything

Wow, where to begin!

When thinking about the education space, there are so many different stakeholders (schools, teachers, students, parents, other care-givers, governments, non-profits) with governance at every possible level (nation, state, county, district, individual school) in every possible type (public, private, parochial, alt-ed, home-school, virtual, blended learning) and every level (pre-K, middle school, high school, college, post-secondary, continuing ed). Multiply that by every country in the world and variations from country to country, and those are all of the possible iterations of considerations you might find yourself having to wade through.

Almost every ed tech product out there can potentially impact all of these different areas/stakeholders, but trying to tackle them all is simply impossible. So with that in mind, perhaps the biggest consideration is to really know who you're serving and how to stay focused on them. No part of education is "solved" - it's what makes it one of the most challenging but also rewarding areas to work in.