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Public - a stellar example of a community-led company

One of my new favorite community-led companies is Public. At a high level, they're Robinhood but with native community features built right into the app.

Beyond just having community features though, it's really the small things that make them truly community-led.

🥇 Community front and center

When you first open the app, the community feed is front and center, one of the first things you see.

You get a high level overview of your portfolio, but news and other updates from the community are put right there. It's not a different tab that you have to choose to discover.

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💬 Language choices

Public's choice of language when communicating with community members really feels like you're part of a community, and not just a user or a $$ maker for them.

They address their community directly, and release "updates for their community", rather than releasing formal press releases that feel overly corporate.

🔎 Transparency & authenticity

In addition to their language choices, the Public team communicates with transparency and authenticity. Last week was a crazy week for companies in the retail investing world and they moved quickly to tell their community what was happening.

Inevitably negative things will happen in any community, and it's always imperative to include members in the discussion when changes are required, especially if they are out of your control.

🛣 Strong guidelines

And finally, they clearly care about community trust, safety and moderation. Before being able to post into the community, you're required to review a handful of community guidelines.

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It's not a wild west, free for all, unlike many other earlier stage social apps.

Ultimately, community is more than just slapping a Slack channel or a forum on top of your business.

Being truly community-led impacts how you build for, communicate with, and ultimately sell to your end users. It's an entire mindset for building a better company.

Big shout out to @willactf and the rest of the Public team for building a great app, putting community at the core of everything they do, & handling a crazy week way better than most.

Community-led companies are the future, and they'll always beat their non-community counterparts 💪

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