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Amazing onboarding (iffy registration)

Seriously - The onboarding modal/popup for is awesome - It's almost a mirror copy of what we are building for our own Community right now, asking for topics to follow/basic info, right there when you logged in for the first time to help you customize the experience, yet easy to exit out of it.

I've spent a ton of time researching this stuff lately, and thus, was really excited to see that.

(Registration page was complete opposite, lol, I assume that is a work in progress and/or bug).

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Katie Ray

Hey Stan! I agree! The onboarding was super simple and I actually really like the ability to customize our UX. Im curious on how you get your members to go from inactive (lurkers) to active engaged members? does the onboarding process affect that?

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Will pass this feedback on to @peter and the Forem team! I think that registration page is a bug, not intended.

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I agree with @Stan registration page needs some tuning.