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Mark Birch, Community Builder

Hi, I’m MarkπŸš€and glad to meet you πŸ‘‹
I recently published a book πŸ“– called Community-in-a-Box about the lessons learned building and scaling a professional community, based on my experience founding the Enterprise Sales Forum, a global community for B2B sales professionals.
I currently work at AWS as a Startup Advocate supporting the community of startups in Asia-Pacific. Previously I was at Stack Overflow to launch there Enterprise business and lead APAC expansion. I have been a developer, an angel investor, and a startup founder. I am supposed to be in Singapore, but currently in NJ waiting out the pandemic. Look forward to learning from everyone here on how you launched and sustained your communities as I begin research on my follow-on book! Ping me here or connect over LinkedIn -
Always happy to chat & share about community building. Cheers! 😊