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MarLiz De Leon

Hello everyone! I'm the CMX Connect Host for the Philippines Chapter. I joined here because I have been following The Community Club the slack community but I can't remember how I got there, lol. Just doing some research on the Internet and so many community-driven organization I have been encountering any day of the month. And I just love the energy I am getting from Mac, yeah, I think his posts on social media helped. HAHA, kudos to you Mac!

I'm just starting out, and I am so excited to learn and grow in this career! My only career right now as a community manager is for that community I mentioned above. I had another one but it has now ended which is very sad, the only reason is that the business owner wants me to work in their office and full-time which I cannot do because I am a freelancer/contractor and I prefer working at home! I want to help fashion and interior design brands in building their brand communities. :) So, I am still trying to find the right brand that I can help with because I can't wait to help them and see myself do the work! I'm struggling in getting clients, that is why while looking for clients, I am joining communities like this to expand my knowledge about community building. Thank you for reading my post. :) I can't wait to connect with y'all.