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After engagement, what next?

When we built the Community, twas a trial
Few days later, it blew up... Took us totally unaware
Then we began to put in effort to make it work and of course 'grow engagement'

Thing is, engagement level is high and really impressive but we don't know what to do with all of that engagement...

It's a Community for bakers.

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Jocelyn • Edited

Awesome to hear that the community is active and people are engaging with one another!

Why did you all decide to create a community? Were you hoping to gather local bakers, encourage bakers to share family recipes, teach new people how to bake, put on a bake sale for charity?

Whatever your answer is the purpose of your community which can help determine what to do with the activity and how to funnel it in a way that's valuable to the community.

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Not all engagement is preferable. You should define a strategy and purpose for the community and try to streamline engagement that way.