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I have a question on community niches

marthyessien profile image MARTHA ESSIEN ・1 min read

Hi everyone!

I have been on the general side of Community Management for a while now and I really want to get to focus on a particular niche so I can be able to deliver a specific message. As being broadly spread is not working for me.

So I'd love to have suggestions of niches I can look into...

Thank you ☺️

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Great question! Often we have to be fantastic generalist to manage communities, but I'm seeing more and more niche roles opening up. You might want to think about Trust & Safety, Virtual Events, Community Operations, Community Comms, Community Product? These are focuses I can see working well. Oh I also think community managers make fantastic Product Marketing Managers, that could be an interesting focus!

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Thank you 😌

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What interests you? Look for a community with a niche you know a lot about and see if you can find something or start something.

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