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Michael Luciani
Michael Luciani

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Hiring for community manager - asking for feedback!

Hey all,
We're hiring at 'tech co'!! Don't worry, that's only name until we come out of stealth. I'm specifically hiring for the community manager role but we have a ton of open positions - from PMs, to data engineers, to behavioral scientists. I would love feedback on the community manager job description, where to post, and what to look for in candidates, etc as I have never hired for a role like this before.

Feel free to ping me with questions and to apply if you want!

tech co. is a platform for advocates to create, power, and cultivate communities at local and national levels. We provide mobilization and data tools to non-profits, issue advocacy groups, electoral groups, and corporate social impact teams. We are building capabilities that live beyond a 4-year election cycle, and outside of a traditional "Red/Blue" partisan paradigm. If you are highly motivated, super passionate about democracy, and want to join a close-knit team that is looking to build great things for regular people, tech co. may be for you!

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Hey Michael! Sounds like an incredible company and position. This role sounds like a Senior Manager, Content + Community role (at least). You might want to consider investing in a higher level and require 5+ years of experience. 2 years in, you might not get most of what you ask for on the list. Happy to chat it through if you want to connect!

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Noele Flowers

Hi Michael! Did you find your person? :)