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Marissa Dimino • Edited on

Hey y'all!

My name is Marissa and I'm a DC transplant, currently based in Boston. I've been in the community industry for 10 years now and like many others, accidentally stumbled into the field via running product feedback programs. I'm currently building the community/customer program strategy for LEGO Edu. We're the education branch of LEGO and work on teaching robotics/coding through hands-on learning. Happy to chat about all things bricks for any AFOLs out there (Adult Fans of LEGO).

Kind of like what Mac said below, sometimes I don't even realize I'm working on community building. In my free time, I co-founded a non-profit group (@wethedogsdc) to build a community of dog owners in a few cities around the country (embarrassed to admit how long it took me to realize the parallels to my day job). We work to promote dog-friendly businesses and raise money/awareness for animal rescue organizations. If I'm not telling my dog how much I love him 100000 times a day, I'm probably thinking about food and wine.

I'm super excited and thankful for this group! And I'm hoping to really drill down into data and metrics and refine that skillset over the next few months! Also, any other community managers in the K12 space out there? Holler!

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Alex Angel

Welcome, Marissa! Have you met Sonali Nigam before?? She's building a community for pet lovers that is awesome, and they've been doing a bunch of remote events that are worth checking out.

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Marissa Dimino

I have a vague recollection of seeing this recently in the Slack channel, but we haven't met directly! Can't wait to follow!