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Looking for a community manager for a new communication protocol in crypto

Hey all! We're hiring for our Minister of the Memetic Arts (our Community Manager) post at XMTP.

  • Job listing is here
  • Our company blog has a bunch of posts about the way we think about things

About the role:

Communication is at the core of XMTP, and building a thriving community of developers and users will give it life. Our Community Manager will play a key role in shaping our community from the ground up—something that we consider to be critical to our long-term success.

Now for a few more serious things:

As a Community Manager at XMTP you will:

  • Interact with people on the old internet about a protocol that enables people to interact on the new internet
  • Meme the XMTP brand into existence, creating and curating only the dankest of memes
  • Engage in tasteful shitposting
  • Be the community's chief advocate in product, engineering, and business decisions
  • Manage and moderate XMTP's community on Discord, Discourse, Twitter, and other channels
  • Have a hard time telling your family what you do for a living
  • Make things fun

You may be a fit for this role:

  • iykyk

Not required, but a bonus if you have:

  • Have gone viral
  • Built communities before
  • Participated in open source development
  • A genuine interest in web3, blockchain, and cryptocurrency technologies

Apply here

Who we are

We set out to design a modern organization from the start—one that’s global, remote, and asynchronous-by-default.

We think of ourselves as a “grown-up” startup—building a company that’s fair, equitable, and rewarding for everyone to work at, with an emphasis on having fun while building an ambitious project.

Our team has decades of experience in building companies, but we’re looking for more diverse experiences to add to the founding team. Joining XMTP today represents not just an opportunity to play a key role in building an essential part of the next web, but also in establishing the core DNA of the company.

About XMTP, Inc.

XMTP, Inc. was co-founded by Matt Galligan and Shane Mac, and is headquartered on the web. We have an excellent benefits package that includes parental leave, competitive pay, an equipment and home office allowance that refreshes yearly, monthly lifestyle stipend, as well as a personal assistant, and financial advisor. For U.S.-based team members we also provide access to FSA, 401K, and fully paid high quality medical, dental, and vision insurance for you and your family.

We’re backed by some of the best investors and builders in tech and crypto: Offline Ventures, Ashton Kutcher and Guy Oseary's Sound Ventures, IDEO CoLab, Nascent, Betaworks, and founders from Aave, Anchorage, Argent, Balancer, Compound, Dapper Labs, Messari, Origin Protocol, Synthetix. Our angels also include Alexis Ohanian, Naval Ravikant, Balaji Srinivasan, Meltem Demirors, Anthony Pompliano, Dan Romero, Scott Belsky, and more.

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Jenny Weigle

Hi Matt! Did you share this with the Community Club's Hiring section yet?