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Discussion on: Team Growth Strategy Insights

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Michael Hall

I like to use Dunbar's number ( as a starting point. Since communities are built on relationships, and since a single person can only maintain ~150 meaningful relationships at a time (Dunbar's number), you have some built-in limits to how big your community can be.

The job of a community manager/team is build a web of relationships between member of the community in order to overcome that limit, but that also requires constant maintenance, so even when you have members making their own relationships with each other you have a limit on how many of those are maintained.

Some napkin-math would indicate that, for a community of 450,000 members, you'd need at least 3,000 of them actively maintaining their own relationships with others. That leaves you, as a team of one, responsible for maintaining a relationship with at least those 3,000 members! Ideally, by these numbers, there should be 20 people on your team in order to maintain that level of relationships.

There are some things you can do to make that math work out a little better for you, like giving some members of your community leadership roles and responsibilities, that would effectively make them one of your 20 needed team mates. I wrote about these strategies and other things you can do to more efficiently maintain and grow your community here:

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jordy alexander

This was amazing. Thank you, good lick 🍭

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Tessa Kriesel Author

Wow, this was incredibly helpful. Now I know why I feel drained all the time. 🤣