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Discussion on: Sunday Musings about Community Retention, German Fairy Tales, and The Heat Death of The Universe

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Michael Hall

I really, really like the Heat Death analogy.

You mentioned the need to add heat (effectively) with "If you’re not constantly building in new communal stories and adding new hope and excitement, your community won’t survive long."

But the analogy also allows for you promote activity by introducing cold!

As Becker said, "nearly everything in everyday life requires some kind of temperature difference", so it's not heat that you need it's the difference in heat. And you can achieve that difference by introducing something that has less heat just as well as by introducing something that has more.

I often say that communities thrive around shared problems. Those problems are your "cold" spaces, to keep with the analogy. Knowledge and experience flows from "hot" members into that space, until it's no longer cold (i.e. not a problem anymore). So by introducing new problems, challenges, or use cases you can increase the amount of work being done in your community, even if you don't have something new and exciting to share.

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erik martin Author

Really love this comment. Been thinking about it and the idea of introducing "cold" for the last couple weeks. You're totally right. thanks for sharing