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Discussion on: #ClubChat: What's your favorite non-scalable thing to do as you build community?

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Michael Tharrington

This is a great idea for a topic!

By the way, I was recently shown the article "Do Things That Don't Scale" by Paul Graham which I think is a great read and really reminded me why it's important to do things that don't scale.

As for my favorite thing to do that doesn't scale, I love meeting with folks 1:1. I genuinely just enjoy meeting and speaking with new people especially if there's something that I can help them out with. I find it's easier to loosen up when speaking with folks directly. If I am teaching someone something, I also really like to screen-share and walk folks through how to do the thing they're wanting to do.

When working from home all day, it's a nice break from the norm to be able to hop on a call and speak with someone in real time.