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Michael Tharrington
Michael Tharrington

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Looking for a new chat platform... what's your favorite?

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I'm looking for a chat platform to host DEV ( moderators on.

We have about 500-ish mods who help us moderate and are currently deprecating our built-in chat functionality called Connect.

As such, I'm looking to move this group to a dedicated chat platform like Discord, Slack, Mattermost, or Telegram. I regularly use Slack and am a bit familiar with Discord, but haven't looked deeply into Mattermost or Telegram yet — these 2 were suggested to me by a mod!

Does anyone have thoughts on these different platforms or know of others that they would suggest? If y'all can help me weed through these platforms, I'd really appreciate it. 🙂

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Rick • Edited on

500 seems a bit on the high side for realtime chat. Is there some kind of channel structure you already use?
At that scale I'd like to see more chat and something else. Maybe a 'meta' discourse channel.

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Michael Tharrington Author

500 is indeed quite high. 😅 Granted there are folks who communicate here often and those that have somewhat disappeared over time. They're still in the channel, but just not very active.

There is a channel structure in place as well that splits us into 4 separate teams. There is also one other channel that is specific to a certain ability some mods have called tag moderation.

I'm open to experimentation here though. Even 125 folks per channel seems quite high and there's no great plan for new folks.

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Jeff Svicarovich

Heyo heyo, I like both Slack & Discord(except for the lack of scroll bar for the servers on the left), but I've really come to like Telegram a little more. I haven't tried Mattermost.

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Michael Tharrington Author

Thanks so much for weighing in here Jeff!

That lack of left-hand scroll bar is goofy, haha. I hadn't even noticed that one.

What I've found particularly annoying about Discord is that you can't choose a separate picture per server, i.e. you just have one picture/avatar that is used across all servers. I know a lotta folks (including myself) that game on Discord and so their pics match up with their gaming name... BUT, that gaming avatar feels out of place for Discord servers that are used for something more professional.

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Rosie Sherry

You can change your profile pic and nick name per server on Discord. I think this may be a new thing.

Discord does take getting use to, but I find it's a trend. More and more people are moving over, and once they get use to it there is no going back to Slack 'n' what not.

The audio features are pretty cool in Discord and roles can be used to create private spaces quite easily. Generally, there are lots of options and updates are feed in frequently.