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Justin Jackson

😮 OMG! I can't believe this place exists. Feels like I've found my people! 🙌

🇨🇦 I'm Justin Jackson. I live in Vernon, BC, Canada.

🎙️ I'm the co-founder of, a podcast hosting platform.

🤘 I've been running MegaMaker, a community for bootstrappers, since 2013.

🐥 I'm working on a new project with Josh Anderton called Meeps: the best way to build a membership site.

(Meeps is what I wish I had when I started MegaMaker: member registration, subscriptions, onboarding, member profiles & directory, paid newsletter + content)

🎧 You can follow along with Josh and I as we build Meeps on our podcast.

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Justin Jackson

@espree @jayclouse @ben @mac @andymci @8bit nice to see some familiar faces here!

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Andrew Claremont (andymci)

Likewise! Welcome to the club. :)

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Ben Halpern


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Jay Clouse 👨‍🔬 📍

hey! there he is! Good to see you here too, Justin.

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John @ YEN


i don't spend much time here though.

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Miranda Wilcox

yes, please!