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Discussion on: #ClubChat: Who was your best-ever boss as a Community Manager, and why?

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Mila Vukojevic • Edited on

I never had one haha Actually, I had a Ron Swanson-like boss at PRMIA, Graham Pugh, who stayed out of my way and allowed me to do all of the heavy lifting. Ended up learning a lot from peers, or people I chose to co-lead communities with. Just a lot of failing fast, and arming yourself with empathy.
Given that community is becoming a nexus point in the organization (much like growth marketing did or what the talent should have evolved into), as in community and other roles are becoming more bi-directional and rely on each other to be successful, it really depends on what the ultimate goal of the role is or the KPIs are, so context matters and also how you like do your work, your working style, so different leadership styles. I prefer someone, like Carter, humble, knowledgeable, but lets me "run with it". I'm an activator and I enjoy uncovering parts of the organization (sub company) that would help/ positively impact the community in some way.