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Discussion on: #ClubChat: Were you a moderator before becoming a community manager?

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Absolutely. I was a mod for two years working on a social media platform that catered to university students. The thing that used to be so difficult for me was the fact that this platform allowed for both static posting (a la forums, FB, TW, etc) and live chat rooms. There were some late shifts as a Mod that included 2-3 hours of staring at a constantly updating chat screen.

As overwhelming as it tended to be, being a Mod did expose me to the work of CMs (my supervisors). It's also made me incredibly appreciative of the work that volunteer Mods do on the forums I manage these days. The biggest difference is probably that I can actually think big-picture and more strategic. Moderation was so often a case of actively policing content (with some policy formulation and user support mixed in).

Having said all that, I couldn't be more grateful for that experience and everything it taught me!