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Mukhtar Raage

Hey All!

My name is Mukhtar, I'm from the UK 🇬🇧 . I joined this community from the recommendation of a fellow community connoisseur. I am working on Newny []. It's a Live Q&A tool for virtual event organisers who use events as a user / lead acquisition channel or someone that just wants to get to know their attendees on a deeper level.

I love all things community building, especially throughout this year with everything going on. Having the support of a community you can tap into is just awesome. I've been involved with running a local community here in the UK called Co-Working Hub where we helped each other with business related issues but the number 1 rule was being social first. No selling. With this in mind, we became a tight knit group - a second family of sorts!

I'm mainly joining to network with like minded people and just learning about the art of community!