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Discussion on: Building Community...what platform to use??

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Hey Jason, great question!

If you haven't already created a space for your community, I would spend some time talking to your target audience and understanding where the majority currently spend their time. You could launch a survey, 1:1 interview or a mix of both.

This way you can identify a number of things that can help inform what platform to pick. Let's say for example most of your target audience already use Slack in their daily workflow - that could be a good indicator that new members onboarding will cause less friction compared to something they haven't used before. At the same time would be worth asking if they are already part of a few similar communities living on similar platforms - then you might struggle for attention.

That's all to say that investing time in research and asking a lot of questions upfront will for sure help you choose the right space for your community. From your findings, you can then trial or demo a bunch of these to find which one matches what you need.

Hope this helps!