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Do you use Zendesk Gather?

Hi everyone, my company is currently in the research/shopping phase for a community forum. We already use Zendesk for our knowledge base and are looking into using Zendesk Gather for community. Any thoughts from others who have used this tool? Anything to know, or watch out for?

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Dave Liao

@nicoletteaffre - curious about this too! Hopefully you've learned something about Gather ever since you posted this?

Had no idea that Zendesk offered this, but it makes sense considering their core offering.

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Nicolette Author

Hey! Sorry I didn't see you responded to my thread, but I've learned a little about ZD Gather, the functionality is pretty limited and your unable to see who is accessing the community until the user comments, likes or creates their own post. Curious if you've done anymore digging on this, maybe we can connect to discuss further!