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Be the matchmaker in your community to engage your members

A simple way to engage members in your community - be the Matchmaker.

As a Community Builder, you have matchmaking powers that others in your community don't. And we all know - with great power comes great...

I've been a part of the first On Deck Community Builders fellowship cohort for the last 7 weeks. This has allowed me to experience their community building playbook that they use for their programs.

How Be On Deck plays the role of matchmaker in their fellowships:

1. Interest-based socials and Slack spaces

Every new fellow fills out a detailed form listing their interests and desires from the fellowship.

They then use this info to bring together people interested in specific topics, both on video socials and private Slack channels.

2. Masterminds

Based on time zones and years of experience, they put every member in a Masterminds group of 6 people.

These groups meet every other week on a 90-minute video call to allow members to discuss their communities and seek feedback from their peers.

3. They encourage fellows to organise events, dinner chats and klatches

These are events hosted by fellows to talk about a particular community building issue or share their expertise on something.

This way they create value for each other:

Your special matchmaking powers

What are those special powers you have as a community builder?

1. You have the "Ice-breaking Hammer"

People are naturally scared of reaching out to strangers and putting themselves out there.

But you are different - you are no stranger!

Everyone knows who you are. Plus, you have credibility as their community person.

So, you can help them by becoming everyone's wingperson.

2. You have the best knowledge of who can help whom

You know who's there. You know their stories - what's their background and where they want to go.

Atleast you know it better than anyone else in the community.

The community is the village you set up.

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Ben Regier

The Ice-breaking Hammer! Love it. Great read, Nityesh!

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Nityesh Agarwal Author

Thanks a lot Ben! πŸ˜‰πŸ”¨

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Erica Moss

"This way they create value for each other." THIS. Such a great article, Nityesh, thank you!

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Nityesh Agarwal Author

Means a lot coming from you, Erica! :)