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Nityesh Agarwal
Nityesh Agarwal

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Best community jobs are at companies that don’t have a full-time community professional. Agree or disagree?

I've been working as the first (and the only) full-time Community Manager for a startup for the last ~18 months.

And I have been immensely enjoying the experience!

There are times when I do feel a lack of mentorship. But I wouldn't trade that for the autonomy and purpose that comes with being the person in-charge of making community the competitive advantage of the business.

And anyway, with the community-led revolution going on, an increasing number of great education resources are available on the Internet.

On my best days, I feel like I'm the CEO of the community at our company. 😛

So, reflecting on this experience, I have concluded that the best community jobs might be at companies that don't have a full-time community person yet.

What do you think?

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Oana Filip

Hi Nityesh! That's an interesting question, and I guess it can open plenty of perspectives. On my side of the world, I've been a solo player as a community builder way too often, and I genuinely value a comrade that works next to me. What I enjoy most is the power of dialogue, sharing ideas, and finding new ways of doing this work.

I guess I'm a lucky one since I have a mentor with a community-building background, and looking back, and I'm aware of the good influence she has over me.

Thanks! 👋

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WuQing Hipsh

Hi Nityesh!

I just became a community lead at a start-up in February.

I also have a lot of autonomy, and very little guidance! Basically my main goals are to grow the community, increase MQLs, maintain the webinars, and our newsletters.

I think it would be great to have a community team to take on larger campaigns, plan larger events, and co-create with more colleagues. Moving quickly has it's benefits and pitfalls.