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Discussion on: ‘You’ve lived it’: How to promote your own work — and advance Community as a whole

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Nityesh Agarwal

I love this write-up, Erica!!

100% agree with you. Sharing your knowledge is such a positive-sum game:

  • it helps you build credibility that boosts your career
  • it helps everyone who needs to listen to you

And again, thank you for promoting my post! <3

To answer your question, here's what I have done to promote my work and the work of others:

  • Even though I am early in my community builder career, I have started writing articles and tweets to share whatever I learn.

  • To promote the work of others, I try to inspire others to start writing online. I do it using my blog and social media. Here's the one that I'm most proud of - Writing Well: A Must-Have Skill That No One Taught You

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Erica Moss Author

Thank you, Nityesh! And I couldn't agree with your writing well post more — I loved this line: "Clear writing induces clear thinking."