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How to decentralise control over your community - 4 simple tips from David Spinks

"Those who refuse to share power will eventually lose power."

So, how do you decentralise control to empower your community to lead itself?

β€’ Make it clear how to get involved
β€’ Make sure members feel heard
β€’ Listen in closely

David Spinks shared 4 simple ways to do this in Erik Torenberg's podcast: πŸ‘‡πŸ½

1. Make it very clear how to get involved

Create spaces and channels for people to contribute and take charge.

Clearly state:

  • Here's how to apply
  • Here's how we support you
  • Here are the benefits

2. Conduct 1-on-1 conversations

Every member of the Community Team should host atleast one meeting with a community member every week.

Then, they should go back to the team and share the insights they got from the conversation.

3. Conduct regular surveys

Every quarter, you should conduct a Community Health Survey where you ask members:

β€’ are we solving problems for you
β€’ do you feel engaged, connected, welcome and safe
β€’ what can we do to make it better

Surveys are such a simple and great way to measure:

  • if members identify as members of the community
  • are members getting the value they expected from the community

David goes deeper into them in his awesome new book - Business of Belonging!

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4. Community Council

Condense the community into a core group that is representative of your entire community

β€’ Make sure to keep it diverse

β€’ Meet once a month - share big updates, Qs, plans and get feedback

β€’ Have them work with you on initiatives

Note: All of this comes only if you have a community that people love and value.

If people don't give a shit about your community then they are not going to get involved in contributing to it.

You need to work on community-market fit first.

I'm sharing my lessons and brain dumps from scaling a global, online community for Dataquest on Twitter. Follow me to see more of it in your feed! (My DMs are open too.)

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Oliver Ding

Thanks for sharing these tips and David Spinks' book!

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Oliver Ding

How to solve the community-market fit problem?