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Noah Scott
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Hi folks! Hiring a community manager for Marketing School + more!

Hi community superstars! Our team is looking for a new community manager to spearhead the growth of our several communities around business growth, networking and self development.

This role will lead to a full time position for the right candidate. We can start as a contract position and eventually move up to full time.

The communities:
Marketing School Pro. A group of top notch marketing professionals and business owners. Built on the Circle platform with tons of great features!

Leveling Up. A movement focused on personal growth and habit transformation. Based on the new book Leveling Up by Eric Siu. Built on Discord

Additional communities in the works. ;)

To apply visit:

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Sydney Sherman

Hey Noah! This role sounds great. Curious to hear more about your experience building a community on Circle. I'm currently exploring Circle as a platform for my communities at SERHANT.

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Noele Flowers

Hey Noah! Not sure what your timeline is, but might be a fit for some of our C School graduatesโ€”if you're interested in learning more feel free to shoot me an email at :)