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2 New C School Cohorts Launching this Fall!

Now that I have your attention with this cute pic of my dog, I wanted to share here that C School, the community management training school we run at Commsor / The Community Club, has two new cohorts launching this fall, and we're hosting an info session next week for each one to help you learn more and give you a chance to ask questions. Some details:

Coaching Track Cohort
Who it’s for: Current CMs at the IC level with 0-3 years experience.
What you’ll master: internal stakeholder mgmt & advocacy, high-level strategy of engagement & moderation, producing a community strategy + more
Classes start: October 25, 2021
Register for the info session to learn more on 9/23

Career Track Cohort
Who it’s for: Career changers looking to pivot into Community Management
What you’ll master: foundations of community management + all the skills you need to find your first job
Classes start: November 8, 2021
Register for the info session to learn more on 9/22

If this piques your interest but you're not sure if (or which track) it's right for you, I'd love to hear from you—feel free to shoot me an email at

Discussion (3)

jcuenca profile image

Just registered for the Career Track Cohort. Thank you for hosting an info session. 😀 I'm really looking forward to it!

lisa_barroca profile image
Lisa Barroca

Signed up SO quickly. Can't wait for next week!

kristiep profile image
Kristie Presten

When is the next career track cohort. I'm very interested.