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Applications for C School are now open

Hey all. Noele here from the Community Club team sharing an exciting update...

You can now apply for our community manager education program, C School, as an early-career CM, a job seeker, or as an employer in our partner network.

Woo! FAQs to come, but to not bury the lede, here are the links you need:

  • If you're looking to get your first job in community management, apply here.
  • If you're new or new-ish to the field and are looking for foundational training to up-level your work, apply here.
  • If you're an employer looking to hire via our (extremely incredible & skilled) grads, apply (here)[] — even if you plan to hire down the line.

Now for some details.

Wait, what is C School again?

(C School)[] is a comprehensive, twelve-week foundational course for community managers, current and aspiring. You'll learn everything from engagement and moderation skills to collaborating effectively with product and support teams to crafting effective community strategies. Check out the linked text for the full curriculum. Plus—our programs are capped around ~15 students so we can give you hands on, personalized support.

If you're a job seeker, we'll help you find your first role via our career services. If you already have a gig, we'll help you apply your learnings via 1:1 coaching.

What's different this time?

Two big things are changing—

  1. We're now running separate tracks for folks looking for a job and folks who already have one. Choose the track & application that's right for you.
  2. We're now offering a rolling application—so you can apply now even if you want to join a program later on. You can indicate your preferred timeframe on the application.

I'm an employer. What's the employer partner network?

We're now offering career services for employers via C School, too. If you plan to hire a community manager soon, or in the future, joining our partner network is a great way to fast-track your process and meet high-quality candidates. As a member, you'll get invited to curated interviews with candidates and career fairs when available.

We're dedicated to training the best candidates above all else. Please apply regardless of your ability to pay.

If you have questions, feel free to ask them here, or shoot over an email to and we'll help you out. We can't wait to hear from you!

Discussion (4)

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Nisha Baxi

Hi there! I am trying to access the employer Airtable and returning an error. Anyone else seeing this? Thank you! Link here --> []

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Noele Flowers Author

Nisha, my bad—just got that fixed! If you click the new link in the post it should now work. :)

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Linda Vinod

Hey @noeleflowers Are scholarships available? I'm a 19 year old and I just started my first apprenticeship as a community manager. Would love to know :)

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Noele Flowers Author

Hi @lindaso sorry I missed this. We do have some scholarships available, you can request those via the applications. These are rolling applications, so you can use the same forms if you'd like to apply now! We have a couple additional cohorts kicking off this fall.