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Discussion on: #ClubChat: What community-related thing are you most excited for next year?

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Noele Flowers

Joining the Commsor team, of course!

But seriously: I think the thing I'm most excited to see happen this year is seeing some of the fundamentals and best practices in community identified, codified, and communicated more clearly across our field. This is already happening with the explosion of thought leadership in community we saw in 2020, and I believe this will continue to grow next year.

The great thing about starting to see our industry "settle" in this way is that it frees up mental energy from the incredible professionals who are already community managers (or who will become community managers in 2021) to stay in their "zone of genius." When we don't have to constantly reinvent the wheel or trial-and-error our way through the basics, that gives us more energy to devote to innovative ideas and relationship building. And that's awesome.

Something something "you have to learn the rules to play with them," etc 😀

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You said it better than I could have!