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Celebrating your community


I'm Oana from Pixelgrade, the gal in charge of growing the Upstairs Community. I've been a community builder within creative industries for the last ten years, and I still feel it's a lot to discover and learn.

In July 2021, we plan to celebrate one year since we kicked-off this tribe. Its essence lies in storytelling at its best. Twice a month, we send an authentic narrative about how someone across the globe became a better person (mother, son, leader, employee, citizen, you name it) on a Sunday.

Our approach proves that stories help us feel less alone and facilitate connection and belongingness.

You can find out more about our endeavor right here:

My curiosity for this squad of professionals is:

In which ways do you celebrate your community? How you manifest gratitude towards members?

Looking forward to learning from you,

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This is great!

Some ways we celebrate our micro community of medical students are:

  • Sharing their self-admitted milestones on monthly, public meetings
  • Sending individual e cards for their milestones
  • We request that community members shout each other out and then I make a edit of those & share w all
  • We also have team leaders 'spotlight' certain members and those members receive a special congrats email from our chief medical officer [they revere him!]
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Oana Filip Author

Thank you so much, Victoria! Some of your ideas could work for us, too. Waving from Europe! ๐Ÿ‘‹

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WuQing Hipsh

We are about to have a brainstorming session about this!

Some of our current plans are:

  • send them a thank you box (with company branded notebooks and maybe a tee shirt)
  • writing a FT. Blog post on their experience
  • FT. them in one of our bi weekly webinars
  • Maybe in the future creating video content about them.
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Oana Filip Author

Excellent ideas! Thanks a bunch, and keep celebrating! ๐Ÿ˜Ž