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Championing our contributors


Community building is about serving our members. But it's also about championing those who go the extra mile and support our work.

At Upstairs Community by Pixelgrade, a place where we amplify creative professionals' voices through authentic stories, we made something we could call a Thank You campaign. It's our way to publicly reward and champion all the writers who have been next to us since day one.

We launched this community in July 2020, and one and half years later, we have 37 contributors.

Besides creating a dedicated page for the Hall of Fame, I personally reached out to every writer to thank you and attach the avatar if they want to use it on their social media profiles.

I'm blown away by the reactions. People are beyond grateful for how we're manifesting our gratitude, and some of them already use avatars.

How do you guys champion your most active members or ambassadors?

Looking forward to changing ideas. We did it our way, but I bet there are dozens of meaningful approaches.


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Joachim 🌸🌊🌸

This is awesome, I love the idea of a custom avatar to reward people for being an active member.

Have you thought about making them an NFT?

That could potentially increase the perceived value and the adoption.

I'm going to check out your community in more detail :)

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Oana Filip Author

Hi @joachim!

Thanks a bunch for your kind thoughts. We received a lot of interest in turning the avatars into NFTs, but we stopped to this format for the moment. However, I'm looking forward to experimenting on this side, too. Feel free to join our community; I would love to have you on board. πŸ€—