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Discussion on: #ClubChat: What strategies do you use to help prevent Community Manager burnout?

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Oana Filip

Hey! For me, these are two different questions. I'll try to share my insights for each.

  1. Sometimes, putting a code of conduct and keeping reinforcing it helps. It offers everyone the same source of truth, making it easier for people to relate. Other times, nasty things happen, such as having negative community members. When I notice such behaviors, I always give my best to understand what's beneath the reaction/comment/message. I personally reach out and ask open questions from a place of curiosity.

  2. Community management is indeed emotionally draining. It's just what it is. The thing that matters is how often people working in this area land exhausted. If it's too often, it can be many reasons (things are messy inside the tribe, the person has too much on the table, there are other areas involved, such as personal issues).
    Zooming out, taking a break, resting is always handy and come with a clearer perspective.

I hope it helps. 🤞

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Kirsti Buick Author

I really like the idea of a code of conduct—having a protocol for situations like this definitely helps alleviate some of the stress. And even if the situation escalates, you can at least be confident you've done everything by the book!