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Discussion on: When do you take EA to GA?

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Oana Filip • Edited on

Hi Beth! That's a good question, that most probably can get various good answers. In other words: it's not a white-or-black kind of scenario. In fact, that's often the case when it comes to community building.

Regardless, here's my two cents on this one. As Jason Fried would say: there's no such thing as being 100% sure when it's time to launch something. You ship, test, experiment, learn, iterate, and take it from there.

If I were you, I would ask this specific question to the current members. When do they think it's time to go for GA? Moreover, I would also try to make a silent transition to GA. Please share it with a couple of people, ask for feedback, see how it goes.

I hope I got your question right, but if not, please provide more context, and I'll gladly follow up.