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Discussion on: Storytelling is the glue of communities

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Oana Filip Author

Hi, Britt! Wow, thanks a bunch for taking the time to share your valuable insights.

First of all, I'm beyond grateful for the heads-up regarding the use of ''tribe.'' In my culture, ''tribe'' and ''community'' are used interchangeably. Both mean, more or less, the same thing: a group of people who share similar values and work together for a greater good. However, I genuinely respect the Indigenous tribes and their heritage, so I'll pay more attention in the future. Thank you!

Second of all, stories have, indeed, the power to heal, protect, support, empower, change, and narrow the gap between people. We've been putting stories at the forefront of our community-building efforts since the very beginning. Often, our members told us that they feel less alone through stories and can make sense of the complicated world we live in.

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Stay safe!