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Getting buy-in from peers, too

oana profile image Oana Filip ・1 min read


There's a lot of valuable information about how to get a seat at the C's table. No matter if we're talking about CEO, CTO, COO, CPO, and so on. This kind of leverage is crucial, no doubt about that.

However, I work for a design studio where the community is new in my peers' universe. Even though I've been wearing this hat in the last decade, I still find gaining trust and openness challenging.

Maybe it has to do with the culture I come from, I don't know. We're Romanians, and due to the communist era, we became skeptical and anxious on so many levels.

Regardless of that, I'm keen to know how you guys succeed in getting buy-in from teammates working in the tranches. It can be anyone: from the marketing department to customer support.

Looking forward to hearing your insights.

Stay awesome,

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Brian Oblinger

The easiest way to gain buy-in is to discuss how community can help solve a problem they have and/or contribute to their goals. When presented as "how can we help you?" rather than "here's what I need from you," you'll get ahead a lot faster.

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Alex Angel

Totally agreed. Taking the time to understand their problems or needs sets you up for helping (and showing them the benefits of community!) AND building better internal relationships.

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Oana Filip Author

Thaaaank you! 😋

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Oana Filip Author

Thanks a bunch for sharing your perspective, Brian! It means a lot. 👏
This approach feels more authentic and transparent, indeed. I will give it a go and see how things turn. Cheers!