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How do you present your members?


Often, the members of a community are treated as a mass of people. Community builders refer to them as "our people," "our members," "our Spotifyers" (invented). You got the idea. However, folks who belong to a community are far more than a general label, an email address, or a name. They have values, interests, beliefs.

What's your approach to presenting and showcasing your members?

Do you resume inviting them to create a profile on the platform? Or do you prefer to write down more content around their stories to help other members relate and facilitate connection?

I would love to hear your thoughts on this one. Btw, I'm interested in how you're doing it in the online world, offline I already have a few solid solutions.🤞

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Rosemary ONeill

One way to draw out deeper connection is to try to always ask the "second question." Some community managers just drop one quick comment and move on, but taking the time to listen more actively, and ask another question, will bring out more personal details, interests, and connection. It also gives more for other members to latch onto so they can join the conversation.

What are your offline solutions? (Curious!)

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Noele Flowers

Yes, love this point! I think having a willingness to go a bit off topic can help here. For example, if a community member asks a question that I perceive to be "transactional" (i.e., concrete problem, concrete answer, done), I might answer the question and then also ask a more open-ended follow up question. For example:

Community member: "Does anyone know how to do x?"
CMGR: "Yes, here's how you do what you're looking for. By the way, what's the bigger goal you're trying to accomplish with this. Would love to hear more about your project and some of your successes the past couple of months!"

Something like that. Also curious to Rosemary's question about offline solutions, since I have mostly worked with online communities myself.

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Oana Filip Author

Hi! Thanks a bunch for taking the time to share your insights. Great points! We're running some tests and trying to showcase our members via short interviews. Something similar to Creator Guild Spotlight, even though less profound.


As for offline communities, here's what works on my end (running a local community of entrepreneurs working within creative industries):

  1. I ask them to bring an object related to the story they will hear via the fireside chat (interview) and talk about them. It's a great way to make room to share something valuable and spark new conversations. They feel seen.

  2. When we turned one, we made a physical wall of fame for all the believers in the community, aka people who attended most of our events or contributed in various ways (spread the word, lent a hand with venues, etc.). They felt they matter.

  3. I personally facilitate connection via networking, and I publish the testimonials I receive after each edition (I encourage long-formats rather than surveys) and share more context about the guys writing them. It's not just nice words.

In the long run, I would like to write some essays about the members of the community I'm running. Since the community's core is around sharing powerful stuff about what it's like to be a creative entrepreneur, with all the dilemmas, fears, anxieties, and such, I would love to tackle such essays in an in-depth format.🤞

One of the main advantages that help me have these strong bonds is that most members return to the events, so they get to know each other and feel more comfortable. This makes the entire experience memorable.

I hope it helps. 🌞