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Oana Filip

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Learning the basics during our first year

👋 Hi, amazing guys and gals,

Even though I have ten years of experience as a community builder, nurturing mostly offline communities, I've enjoyed a different challenge in the last year.

I'm in charge of building an online community of interest under Pixelgrade's umbrella, where I'm working full-time as a community builder and storyteller.

We made many mistakes and took some things for granted without even realizing it, so I thought it might be helpful to others to learn from our fallacies.

I would love to kick off a conversation about how was your first year of building an online community and what you learned along the way.

Here's the link for our first transparent report:

Looking forward,

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Jenny Weigle

That's an impressive report you've created!

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Oana Filip Author

Thank you! I genuinely believe in the power of contextual transparency, where there is enough information around takeaways. So I'm happy if you find it valuable. 🤞