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Run 1:1s with your community members

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This is one of the many good things that come out of running 1:1 with our community members.

Even though the Upstairs Community just turned one, we learned so much from having honest conversations with our members.

We assumed nothing and gave our best to capture as many insights as possible.

The above screenshot is from an in-depth article I'm working on, sharing everything we discovered by running video calls. It's another piece of the "build in public" puzzle.

Stay brave,

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Jenny Weigle

Kudos for doing this! It's incredibly important and yet many community managers don't do it. The latest Community Signal podcast episode was Patrick doing this exact thing and I found it fascinating!

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Oana Filip Author

Thanks a bunch for your kind words! I quickly discovered how much value lies in such 1:1s when running on an offline community. Ever since I keep doing them over and over again, it's a great way to get anchored in the community's tranches. 👋