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A model about platform ecology

I am recently working on the Platform-for-Development (P4D) framework which aims to discuss adult development at the age of platform.The platform starts from a theoretical assumption that the ideal unit of analysis for studying this issue is a nested social structure: Platform[Project(People)].

This week I launch a model called the Supportive Cycle for the framework. The model is based on the concept of Supportance.

The model considers four types of entities and four movements of their interactions.

The four types of entities are Platform, People, Project and Platformba.

The Supportive Movement is defined by the concept of Supportance which refers to the potential supportive possibilities for actions. Each movement is divided into two status: the Potential status and the Actual status. The relationship between two entities is roughly considered as “environment” and “organism” from the ecological perspective. One side (as “environment”) offers Supportances to the other side (as “organism”).

For example, we can consider YouTube as Platform and Patreon as Project.

I think this model is also useful for community building. First, major social media platforms can be considered as Platforms, the new communities can be seen as Projects. Second, major communities such as Product Hunt and Dribbble can be considered as Platforms.

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