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Discussion on: How do you solve the empty land problem?

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Oliver Ding

It's so hard to solve this classical problem. I recently developed a framework called Platform-for-Development.

Though the framework is named with the term Platform, I do consider it is also useful for understanding Community Building. Maybe we can try it.

The framework has five analysis modules:

  1. Developmental Resources Analysis
  2. Situational Context Analysis
  3. Cultural Projection Analysis
  4. Social Engagement Analysis
  5. Activity Landscape Analysis

The first module focuses on three aspect of developmental resources:

  • Content (relevant information)
  • Social (Connect others)
  • Action (Special operations)

You can design and provide some these resources for your potential users.

The second module is about running "projects". For example, AMA is a format of a project. I have developed a theory about project. However, here we only need consider three elements of a project:

  • Purpose: Why do people join the project?
  • Position: What kind of roles people can take within the project?
  • Program: How does the project work?

The third module is about social and cultural psychology. It is complex. In order to simplify our discussion, we can focus on two keywords: theme and identity.

  • Theme: what's the idea/mission/vision/belief behind your community? Do you have strong motivation to write a manifesto?
  • Identity: Do you have a logo, unique picture and color for your community? Does these brand identity design represent your theme? Can they encourage your potential users?

I hope this framework can help you in a systematic way. You can find details in this article:

The Platform for Development (P4D) Framework (1.0)