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Oliver Ding

Hi all. I am an information architect, knowledge curator and interaction designer. I have been working on curation related field for over ten years. I was the Chief Information Architect of BagTheWeb which was an early tool for content curation (We launched the site in 2010). This experience inspired me to make a long term commitment to the Curation theme. After having 10 years of various curation-related practical work experience and theory learning, I coined a term called Curativity and developed Curativity Theory which became a book.

I also found several non-profit online communities about open learning with friends before 2014. Now I am moving to the direction of knowledge curation and action curation. I consider community curation is a part of the curation field.

Furthermore, I pay attention to the gap between theory and practice. I'd like to share some theories about community with everyone.

CALL (Creative Action Learning Lab)

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Piper Wilson

Hi Oliver. This is going to sound like a dorky reply, but that's so cool!