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Discussion on: Missed Opportunity: Founder Story

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Oliver Ding

Hi Kristian,

The Storytella is a wonderful project! I like this narrative style. I am a serial creator and a lifelong thinker who is passionate about life reflection. Initially, I was influenced by Chris Argyris’ Action Science and Donald Schön’s Theory in Practice and The Reflective Practitioner.

I wrote my first learning autobiography in 2015 and was attracted to biographical studies. In 2016, I developed a framework called Career Landscape which is inspired by Activity Theory, Communities of Practice, and other ideas. I recently reconstructed the framework with more theoretical resources. The outcome is a new method named the Life-as-Activity approach.

Life as Activity (Version 0.3)

A brief of the approach

Full article

We may work together on some projects in the future.

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Kristian Michail Author

Let's connect on twitter. Thanks for sharing. Very cool. I got something for you that I think will blow your mind: