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Discussion on: #ClubChat: How do you handle conversation fatigue in your community?

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Oliver Ding

This is a great question! I think it is all about the curation and information architecture. An ideal approach includes three strategies:

  • Build a knowledge base to avoiding repeat common questions.
  • Move the focus from topics/content/knowledge to people/talent/expert, using activities to build connections between members.
  • Encourage create sharing by adopting routine open themes.

I'd like to use Creative Morning as an example of the third point. Creative Morning is a community of creators. The main activity of the community is a monthly face-to-face events. Each month, they launch a theme for local chapters. Their themes are abstract which also means open rooms for creativity. Members can choose their own dimensions to explain the shared theme.

Let's have look at some themes from their archive:

Theme 04: reuse

Theme 26: ugly

Theme 45: weird

Theme 64: courage

Theme 82: muse

Theme 99: divergent

It's a great case for answer the second question: How do you organize the many conversations with many different community members in many different places?