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Social media management and community management which is more productive?

Although i am relatively new to community management but since i have been studying about it, i have been pretty much intrigued by what its promises. Social media management is all encompassing but community management i feel is liberating social media creativity and is going to take CRM to another level. What do you think?

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Julie Blau

I used to do some social media management, mostly monitoring comments on Facebook ads. Ads and other paid content can be difficult because they are shown to people who might not want to see them, and thus the sentiment can get really negative. I like community work because you can really get to know people on a deeper level and there are more meaningful discussions. However, I also think there's a hybrid where you could have public social media channels that foster healthy community interactions. Many companies have successfully created a sense of community through strong branding efforts and ambassador programs that operate mostly through social media.