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Best practices for engagement with in-person and online opportunities

We at MeatFreed are building a user engagement app with hyperlocal communities of 16-24s, targeting university students in the UK, that receive incentives for choosing plant-based when dining out and cooking at home.
My question: most of the tips around engagement for community is focused on online ways to engage. What are some tips or best practices are increasing engagement and tracking engagement for both online and offline opportunities to engage?

MeatFreed is the only user engagement app that incentivises users to choose plant-based and connect with others. By changing 16-24s’ eating behaviour towards more plant-based, we aim to achieve our vision of minimizing global meat consumption to reduce individuals’ food-related carbon emissions by 70%.

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Some ideas that came to mind →

→ Create some sort of challenge where theres a winner or top 3 type scenario; maybe every other month or once a quarter. This can be in person for 2 and virtual for 2. Or hybrid for all 4.
→ Have a few rituals, things that are very unique to your community and are looked forward to. Things like, a tupperware club for example → great for in person meetings.
→ Tracking ...what exactly are you wanting to track? Lots of ways to do this manually, automate, or simply hire a certain company. If your community is on Slack, you can use Dots for example []

Good luck!