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Patrick Huang

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Seeking co-founder/leader with expertise in Gen Z community building for early-stage tech startup in UK

As the main co-founder for MeatFreed, I am seeking to build my network of future leaders of MeatFreed (co-founder, leadership team, advisors) who have deep expertise in building Gen Z communities through engaging content to support our 3-year target of 1M members of 16-24s targeting 20% of the 5M HE/FE students in the UK.
We have started fundraising for our seed/angel round post-pilot and I would like to include those who are intrigued by our vision who could join our team post-funding.
Any connections are appreciated and of course, any connections to investors are also welcome. Happy to answer any questions here or by email, Thanks!


MeatFreed is the only user engagement app that incentivises users to choose plant-based and connect with others. By changing 16-24s’ eating behaviour towards more plant-based, we aim to achieve our vision of minimizing global meat consumption to reduce individuals’ food-related carbon emissions by 70%.
Plant-based meat alternative brands are forecasted to take up to 50% of the $1trillion global meat market with nearly 50% of 16-24s open to reducing meat consumption.
Our pilot at Falmouth University with our MVP, a membership programme targeted at 16-24s, resulted in nearly 10% of the student population converting to members within 2 months. We plan to grow our membership through a student ambassador scheme, much like Red Bull’s, with a target of 20K members by Year 1 and 1M members by Year 3.
MeatFreed is being developed by Patrick Huang and Mike Morris, two executives with significant experience in tech start-up development and content development for 16-24s. We are part of Launchpad, a venture studio out of Falmouth University in Cornwall, UK.

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Nivi Achanta

Patrick! I am not looking for a full-time role right now but I might be the perfect team member (part-time/strategy?) to help you succeed -- I run a social & environmental impact community targeted towards busy zillennials: and you can see more about my community-building experience here:

Excited for your org to grow!