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Discussion on: Welcome to The Community Club! Introduce yourself to the community 😃

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Hey everyone, I'm one of the Co-Founders of Forem. We're honored and excited to be working with The Community Club team to help power this new space for for such an amazing community.

If you have any feedback about the platform, please leave a comment in this open thread or create a new post in the #foremfeedback tag.

Forem is open-source and we're pushing new fixes and improvements every single day.

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Tessa Kriesel

SO pumped to see Forem in another use-case. I love it!

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Carter Gibson

This is great! I was wondering what Commsor was using. So far so good - I just want WYSIWYG! Markup makes me feel dumb lol

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Alessio Fanelli

Hey Peter! Good to see you here :)

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Sofia Rodriguez

This is really cool. I'm excited to get to know the platform better. And hey 👋

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Sara Moore

Nice to meet you Peter